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Our Partners

Inspirra recognizes the fact that no single company can claim in-house expertise on all aspects of today's complex and interconnected business world. Thus a big part of our go-to-market strategy is designed around leveraging strategic industry partnerships in specific industry domains:

NexPower is a global leader in high efficiency solar thin film technology
Broadlands Financial Group is a full service business solutions company providing loss controls, construction risk management, cash disbursement oversight and business training
EverSunTM Energy Private Limited (EEPL) is a renewable energy enterprise engaged in the design, engineering, product development, manufacture, integration, installation, turnkey contracts and post-sales service & maintenance in the areas of Solar photovoltaic (Lighting) and Solar Thermal (Heating). Inspirra has an exclusive alliance with Eversun Energy for the India and southeast Asian solar EPC markets
Jipangu-MCross Corp. is Inspirra's exclusive partner in the sustainability and clean-tech market segments for Japan
Backroads Capital Partners (BCP) functions as a strategic investment intermediary for sourcing, structuring, and marketing tax-equity driven investments

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