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Company Profile

A research based company consisting of a team of experienced professionals in the healthcare industry focused on enhancing patient and professional education. Specifically, Inspirra Healthcare specializes in consumer health education, community outreach, patient advocacy, medication safety education and training. We have partnered with schools and other community partners in educating middle and high school students and parents regarding emerging trends/risks of prescription opioids, internet pharmacies and new emerging designer drugs.

Malini Ghoshal RPh, MS President

Malini has been a professional in the healthcare industry for over 20 years – with experience in all areas of the diverse healthcare industry including hospital, retail pharmacy and health research/policy. She is a registered pharmacist and she has a Masters in Pharmaceutical Policy/Regulations thru the University Of Florida College Of Pharmacy. Malini has proven success in developing and managing diverse healthcare programs to include: continuing education, medical writing, and research.

Malini has a passion for improving patient health outcomes and has dedicated her education and experience to enhancing consumer education regarding proper use of medications. She also serves as a contributing member of several healthcare coalitions to reduce youth substance abuse by presenting programs to various community partners. She has served on numerous committees to improve medication safety including serving on State Senator Florence Shapiro’s taskforce for synthetic cannabinoid legislation. Inspirra Healthcare is dedicated and committed to reducing intentional drug misuse and abuse through effective communication and being a responsible source of information.

Dr. Ashley Haynes MD, Managing Partner

Dr. Haynes is a graduate of the UT Southwestern Toxicology fellowship, currently practicing with UT Southwestern. She completed medical school at the University of Kansas, and has a combined residency in both internal and emergency medicine with East Carolina University. She is currently board certified in both internal medicine and emergency medicine. She has an interest in all things toxic, but is particularly fascinated with the new and novel emerging psychoactive drugs of abuse, as well as drug and alcohol addiction and withdrawal.

To enhance healthcare communication, understanding and trust through facilitating dynamic interactive learning.

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